Recent Transactions

Richard Duryea represented BIONEST PARTNERS , INC.,in the relocation of their offices to new Headquarters in the United States. They leased new office space in the Chanin Building at 122 East 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue, New York City.

Richard Duryea represented TAX RESOLUTION CENTER, INC., in the leasing of new Offices at 6672 Gunpark Drive, Boulder, Colorado.

Richard Duryea, represented MCSTERLING LLP in the renewal of their lease at 318 South McCaslin Blvd., Suite 318, Louisville, Colorado.

Duryea Real Estate represented GIGASPACES TECHNOLOGIES, INC. in the expansion of their offices in 609 Fifth Avenue, New York City. Richard has represented Gigaspaces Technologies for many years as they have expanded.

Duryea Real Estate along with Itra New York Real Estate and John Adams Associates represented Weil Cornell and Tishman Construction in terminating their lease at 1306 1st Avenue, Manhattan, NY.

Duryea Real Estate represented Matrix Telecom in an extension of their lease at 291 Broadway, Manhattan, NY. Matrix Telecom has their switch equipment in the nearby 60 Hudson Street. Richard has represented Matrix and Impact Telecom for many years.

Duryea Real Estate represented Grant A. Peacock, Inc. in their relocation to newly built offices and showrooms in 450 Park Avenue, Manhattan, NY. The long term direct deal included a complete installation tailored to Peacock’s requirements.

Richard Duryea has represented Peacock since 1970.

GNYHCFA, Greater New York Health Care Facilities Associates.

Duryea Real Estate  successfully relocated GNYHCFA to larger space in 519 Eighth Avenue. The long term sublease involved alteration work preformed by the landlord.

GNYHCFA represent Hospitals in the Tri State Area.